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Experience the comfort, simplicity and power of a digital signature with Digital Signature Gallery, licensed provider of digital signatures all over India! We provide digital signatures for varied purposes like E-tendering / E-Procurement / Income Tax / MCA/RoC / PF / DGFT / Trademark Patent Filing / Document Signing, etc. You need to follow an extremely simple procedure and need to send minimal documents to get your digital signature easily.

Our Clientele

We have clients all over India and even outside India. Our diverse clientele includes individuals, small/large business owners, professionals, working executives, PSU chairpersons, MNC directors, Foreign Companies, Chartered Accountants, Company Secretaries, Company Registration Consultants, etc.

What is a Digital Signature Certificate?

A Digital Signature is also equivalently referred to as a "Digital Signature Certificate" or a "DSC" or a "Digital Certificate" or an "Electronic Signature" . All these terms practically mean one and the same thing.

In today’s electronic world, when there a huge number of documents in digital form, it is but natural that a legally valid way had to be evolved to authenticate these documents digitally. Digital Signatures were devised to serve precisely this purpose. Consequently, digital signatures are also used for many Government departments like Income Tax (e-filing of returns),Provident Fund, Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA), E-tendering etc. In many cases, their use has been made mandatory.

How to Apply for a Digital Signature Certificate Quickly

Getting your digital signature is as easy as 1-->2-->3

Three step Procedure
To know more, please visit the respective section from the black menu bar at the top of the page. Be assured that most of your queries will be answered in the respective application form. Just in case you have other queries, feel free to contact us.

Documents required for digital signature

We process your digital signature application with minimal requisite documents. More details about the kind of documents permissible and other FAQs on pricing and procedure are mentioned in the respective application form.

Licensed and Authorised DSC Provider all over India

We are a licensed and authorised provider of digital signature certificates. We offer our services all over India with efficient e-mail and telephone support. Thus you can be assured of safe and speedy processing of your application irrespective of whichever location you are from.

DSC with USB e-token (Dongle)

We issue you your digital signature in a USB e-token (dongle) - a physical device in which your digital signature can be stored securely. The USB Token issued by us is compliant with FIPS standards mandated by the Government of India.
The USB token also gives you the convenience of carrying your digital signature with you and using it on any computer/laptop in a secure manner. For more information on why to prefer a USB token, please see our section on USB Token for Digital Signature

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