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Digital Signature for MCA21 (Ministry of Corporate Affairs) portal e-filing

The Ministry of Corporate Affairs has successfully implemented its MCA-21 e-Governance Project. With the introduction of MCA-21, electronic filing was made mandatory w.e.f.16th September, 2006.

Whether you are a Director of a company or a Manager or a Secretary or a Practising Professional (i.e. CA, CS or CWA),you should have a digital signature certificate and should get it registered on the MCA portal.

You need to use a Class 2 Individual Digital Signature for MCA purposes.

So what are you waiting for? Apply for your digital signature now!

Download Digital Signature Application Form (Class 2 Individual)

We have simplified the procedure for getting the digital signature. You can see further details in the form itself.

It is pertinent to note that you can apply for your Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) without having your DIN (Director Identification Number ). Thus if you do not already have a DIN, it is advisable that you simultaneously start your process to get your digital signature certificate.

Disclaimer: Above information provided only for general guidance purpose. Please refer the MCA website for the latest and most accurate details. Though we make every attempt to provide the most up-to-date and correct information, we will not be held liable if any information is incomplete/incorrect.