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Income Tax e-Return filing using Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) @ Upto 58% OFF

Convenient and Faster Submitting of Returns

Gone are the days when you would have to physically go to the Income Tax Office to get the return form, fill the form manually and again go to the office and stand in queues to submit the form. Now you can submit your returns from the comfort of your home/office at the click of a mouse and using a digital signature.

Please contact us on 9619829298 for latest pricing in Spetember 2015.

Additional (Optional) Technical Assistance For Uploading Return on Income Tax Website

For the benefit of our customers of digital signatures, we also provide an additional service of technical assistance on income tax return on the Income Tax website.

Additional Charges for the same are just Rs. 990/- (INR Nine Hundred and Ninety Only) per return upload.

Note: Above service is only for customers who have taken digital signature through us and is purely optional. Service is limited to technical assistance and does not include preparing/verifying return nor does it include guidance on any income-tax laws/rules. You have to prepare the return file and we will assist on your registration on income tax website and uploading the return file generated by you. Above service does not include training nor does it include following-up on any return status in any manner. Above service is for a single return file only.

Note: Above prices are for Indian individuals and firms/organisations only. Prices for foreign individuals/firms are different. You may e-mail us regarding the same.

e-File Now - It's Easy with our Digital Signature!

Mandatory Use of Digital Signature in Many Cases

Please note that in many cases now, e-filing of returns using digital signatures has been made mandatroy by the Income Tax Department. The number of such cases (for mandatory filing using digital signatures) has been increased steadily by the Income Tax Department. In such a case, if the return is not filed using a digital signature, the return is not considered valid, and you are liable to scrutiny and can face penalties. Thus to be safe, it is better to file your returns using a digital signature. Even in cases where return filing using digital signatures is not made mandatory, it is quick, easy and convenient to fle returns using a digital signature!

Faster processing of income tax refund

If you need to get a refund from the Income Tax Department, you can definitely expedite this process by e-filing your return. Filing your return physically if you want a refund is certainly not the best alternative. It is advisable to e-file your return using a digital signature.

Disclaimer: Above information provided only for general guidance purpose. Please refer the Income Tax website for the latest and most accurate details. Though we make every attempt to provide the most up-to-date and correct information, we will not be held liable if any information is incomplete/incorrect.